BBC Needs English Lessons For Its Fake-Refugee Reports

Strange vocabulary deployed by BBC today!





Why would anyone use such words about the illegal aliens surging across the Channel? Anyone except the BBC..….who can’t break their bias habit!

If you are ‘desperate,’ that means you are devoid of hope.

Hope of what?


What need of asylum is there for people who leave one Western European democracy for another?


These people are nothing but parasites, who could apply for asylum in France…

…or in Italy, whence most of the rotten ingrates oozed illegally into France!

If they failed to apply for asylum there, or if they did and their claims were rejected as bogus, then Brits need to ask themselves why the crimmigrants think they stand a better chance of hoodwinking UK authorities.

Priti Patel Minister.jpg

Priti Patel


Ask Priti Patel.

Ask her also why she won’t act on the indignant demand of the lady from her own party who is MP for Dover, who offered the only sense heard on the BBC World News this morning ( 11am Jakarta time) when she said that…



…those bludger-boats should be stopped, turned around and sent straight back.

Instead, they are immediately given free accommodation, food, medical treatment…


….at whose expense?

NOT the French tax-payer!