Expel Red China’s Obnoxious Envoy!

Surely very few people would have the nerve to call Red China a civilised country, not because Chinese people are n any way uncivilised – after all, Chinese people in Taiwan and Singapore and until recently, Hong Kong, have shown themselves more than capable of creating prosperous, democratic societies –

…but because…


Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and guess WHO!

…the rogue regime in Beijing, Adolf-the-Pooh’s dictatorship, appears to have cast off any pretence of rationality in its rage to raze Hong Kong’s freedoms.

This needs to be said, but especially after that blustering buffoon who serves as the despotism’s Consul General in Queensland escaped Australian justice due to diplomatic immunity.

Queensland court dismisses university student Drew Pavlou’s case against Chinese Consul General

Australian readers will know exactly what has been happening, but that link will take others to more background detail.

Now, surely, it’s time for the Australian Government to expel that obnoxious oaf, Xi Jue, who has blatantly abused his diplomatic immunity…


Xi Jue

Sometimes that means the bad guys win. Sometimes it means … representatives of the most evil regime on Earth win in our courts, and in our legal system,” Mr Pavlou said..

…and for Australia to refuse to accept ANY replacement until there are cast-iron guarantees on the part of the Beijing bullies that their next envoy will behave like a DIPLOMAT and NOT like a rude ranting rat-bag!