Rabid Bigots Mob ‘Un-Islamic’ Wedding – Media Can’t ID Scum?

This past weekend, I think it was, a young couple were getting married in Solo, Central Java.

But a pack of pig-ignorant sectarian hoodlums decided the ‘traditional procession had violated certain Islamic principles.’

So because, in the minds of some intolerant swine, the procession was not consonant with ‘shariah’ rules, a vicious mob attack was launched.

The police escorted the wedding guests to safety during a lull when members of the group were performing maghrib (sunset prayer). However, the group finally noticed the evacuation and responded by physically attacking the guests…


The terror gang took a break for prayers, then resumed their violent onslaught?

To whom were they praying?


At least three people were injured during the conflict…victims have since been treated at Indriati Solo Baru Hospital in Sukoharjo regency.


SO many questions!

Why did the police, who are armed in Indonesia, not use their guns to put these terrorists down!


Why is neither the Jakarta Post, nor detik.com….


…from whom there’s a video link..

…WHY is nobody prepared to name the scumbag gang  – except to describe it as an ‘ormas’ ( ‘community organisation!’ ) –  whose vile antics shame this beautiful country?

PS  In retrospect, I should admit that any comments I make about the police here need to be put in perspective, for the police in Britain are open to comparable comments.

The so-called ‘top cops’ in a variety of UK constabularies, notably in Bristol (where the police stood by in a cowardly and irresponsible manner as leftist hooligans engaged in criminal damage) and in Kent, where a clown of a Chief Constable knelt in obeisance to the racist BLM, are unfit for purpose.

They should be replaced with officers who understand that their duty is to be impartial and enforce the law fairly…and squarely!