MTV – No Escape From Cop-Hate BLM!

Earlier today a friend in Jakarta asked me to look over something she’d written in English to check for errors.




I happily agreed and settled on my sofa to do the favour.

I usually have news channels on in the daytime, but the toxic bias on most of them, especially the BBC…

…is such that if I want to do anything that requires being cool and calm, I switch off.

Clearly proof-reading falls into that category, so, rather than work in total silence, I flicked the remote button and moved one channel down.

That brought me to MTV.


Logo MTV sejak tahun 2010

From time to time, I have tuned into MTV, and as long as it wasn’t revolting ‘rap’ or ‘hip-hop,’ i.e., as long as it was music and not animalistic grunting, it served well enough as background music.

And for an hour or so, things went well, although Korean girls gyrating…



…did from time to time drag my attention away from the work in hand!

Then, around 4.30pm, Jakarta time, a horrible racket broke out, and when I looked up, some clown was idling on the screen with a knee on his neck…



…then the screen seemed to move upwards, to a cloud-swept vista of the heavens, a blatantly absurd nudge towards the nonsense notion that life-long criminal low-lifes can get to strut through the Pearly Gates.



A motley crew of black men began to jive around a stage with ‘Defund..’ and ‘BLM’ placards.

For God’s Sake!

Is everything, even a music channel, now poisoned, tainted by this hateful movement?

I took a break to feed the cat and by the time feline gluttony was sated, the racist junk had been replaced by something more palatable.

I know little of MTV.

Are they run by the same kind of pinko creeps as constitute the BBC Coven or the CNN gay variety show?

Info, please!