So They Were Never Refugees At All?

Greece has launched its first batch of voluntary migrant repatriations, where recipients were each paid €2,000 to leave the country.

So what were they doing in Greece?



Why did they come to Greece?

Some 134 Iraqis left Athens on Thursday (6 August) as a part of a larger EU-funded scheme that aims to send home some 5,000 migrants from Greece to their respective countries

Okay, the more that leave Greece, and Europe, the better!

And I can see the sense of the argument that a one-off gift of €2,000 is cheaper than months and even years of feeding them and housing them.


Five thousand?

There’s a bloody million in Germany alone.



Still cheaper, by the same logic?


But why should tax-payers be squeezed for a single red cent to get aliens, who don’t, after all, belong in those tax-payers’ country, to get the Hell out?

If the aliens are up for a homeward bound trip, then they are not refugees.

And while you’re contemplating that, what about all the much worse aliens, who came to Europe for their idea of fun….

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…and boy, have they made the most of it!

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