Altogether Now! Boikot Unilever!

I always thought those two old creeps who founded Ben and Jerry’s ice cream – recently described as “overpriced junk food” –

– by somebody in the Home Office, were more than just chums.

But the vile pro-crimmigrant tweeting we have been reading about…



…the rubbish criticising steps, not nearly strong enough steps, alas, to stem the cross-Channel alien incursions, makes it necessary to be clear.

That decrepit pair are no longer the owners of the business.

So the lie propounded by the company…

– “people cannot be illegal”

…must be assumed to reflect the enemy ideology of the actual owners.

And who might they be!?

None other than Unilever…

Boycott Unilever! Fight Facebook Censorship! 

…against whom we urged a boycott a couple of months ago!