Spain’s Collabo Leaders Exalt Illegals, Abuse Resisters!

We reported – not many others did! – on the brave people on the Canary Islands who turned out to protest against the rotten local leftist regime’s imposition of a pack of crimmigrants on their town.

The good citizens didn’t back down and police had to intervene when protests turned violent. 

I think that’s called the right of resistance to authorities which exalt unwelcome intruders above those whom authorities have a duty to protect!

Here are the guilty men who are quite without conscience about their shameful disregard of Spaniards in order to make way for undesirable aliens.

Ángel Víctor Torres.jpg
Angel Victor Torres – some ‘Angel!’
The Canary Collabo!
And his partner in contempt..

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Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s PM

And let’s not be sexist.

Here’s the arrogant vixen who echoed the two leading lights of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party in their contemptuous put down of popular resistance.

  • Carolina Darias

The central and Canary Islands governments will collaborate to serve, in the “most dignified way possible”, those who arrive to the islands by boat without “turning their backs” on the phenomenon of immigration, and will combat any outbreak of xenophobia that they detect, because it is a behaviour that is “simply not acceptable.”

A good choice of word in the report, though I don’t know if whoever used ‘collaborate’ understood its historical significance when used in English.

But the anti-patriot rhetoric quoted below confirms that both Spain’s deplorable PM Pedro Sánchez, whose record of sell-out we have mentioned in the past…

..under Pedro Sanchez’s leftist regime, Spanish authorities started removing the razor wire from these fences last December as part of a review of border security. Sanchez’ side-kick, a slimy pro-crimmigrant named Fernando Grande-Marlaska, issued a contemptible appeasement pronunciamento, a declaration of his Interior Ministry’s intent to ‘move beyond “bloody methods” of border control.’

…and that ill-named Ángel Víctor Torres, who runs the Canary Islans province due to a local coalition deal, are equally disgusting!.

Torres – . “There are issues that we need to be aware of. There is no room for any outbreak, no gesture, no xenophobic action…”

Darias was no better, insulting the protestors as “reprehensible,” and spouting absurd tautological tripe, viz.l


 Death is a fatality!”

Spain is in a bad way.

I only post this as a follow-up, to emphasise how so many of the big media have buried this story of the use of state power to bludgeon patriot resistance.