Calling Out Yale’s ‘Systemic Racism?’ Not On BBC!

The Justice Department said Yale University has discriminated against Asian-American and white applicants, issuing its findings roughly two years after opening an investigation into the school’s admissions practices.

I awoke to Art Coleman’s whining today.


Art Coleman has a background in providing legal, policy, strategic planning, and advocacy services to educators throughout the country. Mr. Coleman principally focuses on the postsecondary issues of access, diversity, inclusion and institutional quality.

That’s his blurb on the internet, from his fancy office in Washington DC.

He was BBC’s guest at 9.15am, defending the racist and discriminatory policy operated by Yale…

….which gives unfair preference to Black and Hispanic applicants over Whites and Asian-origin people.

But he doesn’t think that’s unfair!

If Yale would just be upfront and say they are pandering to the noisiest agitprop elements in the USA, one could almost respect such an honest admission on admissions policy!

Alas, that Coleman geezer merely offered gobble-de-gook.



He clearly abhorred the very idea of a once-great university deciding on who can study by relying nastily on dreadful notions, like who gets the best marks.

Instead he gibbered about ‘contextualisation’ and an ‘holistic’ approach, to affirm Yale’s determination to make sure race/ethnicity was important in ways that stray from academic excellence.

A guide-book to plain English would be a grand idea for his next birthday present!

‘Judge an applicant on the four corners of an application.’



Those were more or less his final words, an insult to the intelligence of every viewer, but MUCH more insulting to young White and Asian-origin Americans who got better marks but lost out to the less gifted.



Needless to say, UK Pravda had nobody there to debate Coleman’s claptrap, nor did his interviewer challenge him to explain to us what the Hell he was gabbling about!

PS – update.

One hour later, they had a young Asian-origin lady on, welcoming the Justice Department report!

But that crummy Beebwonk, Lewis Vaughan-Jones, interviewed her in a much more challenging way.