Italy – Fifteen-Year-Old Girl Raped – ‘Unaccompanied Child Migrants’ Held

In Italy, three alien ‘children’ have been arrested after a 15-year-old girl was raped on a beach last week.



It’s hardly the first such crime ascribed to evil savages…



…and the more you read of the report, the more questions rise up accusingly.

The three had left the reception facility in Milan to spend the mid-August night by the sea, in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a well-known seaside resort in the province of Udine.

If these ‘children’ were in a ‘reception centre,’ why where they allowed out?

Fortunately, some Italians – not the Conte Coalition – want reforms to the justice system, although while Italy is trapped in the EUSSR…’

…the Euro-Commissars will not permit the restoration of the death penalty. 

The Northern League Security Councilor of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Pierpaolo Roberti, immediately commented on what had happened: “More controls and stricter measures, up to chemical castration for those who commit crimes of a sexual nature…”

You can read the whole story via the Italian link.

But be prepared to use Google Translate with care.