BBC Is Atrocious, But France Is Similarly Afflicted!

TFPCs are a blot on many countries’s media landscapes….

…and France’s very own tax-funded propaganda channel is at least as bad as UK Pravda.

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Today, at about 3pm Jakarta time, we had a grottily biased news-gal on F24, Eve Irvine…


See what I mean?


…who was interviewing an uppity pup called Keady Tabbal, who is not even French, nor Greek…



….but a mere apparatchik with an ‘NGO…’ (funded by whom?) called the ‘Irish Human Rights Centre!’

Tabby Cat was given free rein to whine and whine about Greece sensibly ‘pushing back’ crimmigrants, whom Erdolf has been flushing into Greek territorial waters.



At least the impudent Tabbal referred to these illegals as ‘migrants,’ unlike Eve “Echo-Chamber” Irvine, who by coincidence got her degree in Dublin and worked previously for Eire’s RTE as a ‘reporter!’

Old comrades?

No idea, but Comrade Irvine kicked off their drivel duet by describing the undesirable aliens as ’refugees.’

Ah, yes, we know about those ‘refugees!’

“We Wanna Go To Europe To Cause Turmoil…” Says Poor Syrian ‘Refugee!’ 

Greece wisely denies everything, or so we were told, but no opinions dissenting from Comrade Irvine’s and/or Tabby Cat’s orchestrated pro-crimmigrant leftism were afforded a hearing…

….except insofar as TC quoted Greek statements whilst simultaneously calling the Greeks liars!

Irvine suggested the intruders were ‘tricked’ into going back to where they came from.


Keady Tabbal got to yammer unchallenged for at the very least five minutes, but not uninterrupted, because breathlessly, ludicrously, Comrade Irvine asked ‘what happens’ to the pushed-back wannabe parasites.

Who cares!

As if most French people would object if the uncivilised horde in France were pushed back to whence they came!



Irvine then fed Tabby Cat a line about similarities between Greek push-back and Australian push-back.


Oh, yes, but the Greek version, yowled the pinko kitty, was ‘more dangerous!’

Not a single voice heard from the Greek Government, nor from any of the miilions of people in Greece, or in France, or, no doubt, in the English-speaking world, who would sing and dance at the chance to push-back the aliens who were not pushed back in time…

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….and have long made life hellish for the people in whose countries they now ungratefully romp.