Biased BBC’s Undue Attention To Shrilly Inaccurate Celebs

Who the Hell cares what Margaret Atwood and James Norton think about Poland’s defence of decent values?

I’ve heard of Attwood, yes, but mostly thanks to those idiot women who flounce about in silly red costumes…



…bonkers bints who march around American streets dressed like some peculiar sort of Santa’s degendered helpers…


……and if I wanted advice on how to construct a paragraph, I might well consult her.

That’s the extent of her expertise.

Attwood Sisters’ Masque Of The Red Death…And.. 

 She is NOT qualified to prattle about Poland.



Even less Norton!

A posh ‘public school’ sort who apparently got his start with a part in Dr. Who?



Or any of these other pompous ‘celebrities’ ( in whose opinion?) in the BBC report?

Ed Harris, Pedro Almodóvar, Deborah Levi, Isabelle Huppert, Anne Enright, Stellan Skarsgaard, Mike Leigh?

Again, a couple of names are familiar, but not as authorities on the politics of Eastern Europe!

Whatever their show-biz etc. skills, their prejudices are of no more importance…



…than those of the ladies beside whom I’ll be shopping at the fruit and veg stall in my Jakarta komplek tomorrow morning, who know as much, and whose views are at least as significant, as the rich sticky-beaks provided with undue publicity by UK Pravda…



….and no doubt by other tax-funded propaganda channels on the Continent.

Bad enough that the BBC…

– notorious for its own  misuse of public money to promote deviant life-styles – many of their staff are not quite sure how to use their own body parts! –

…gives their vapourings such prominence, but it fails to fact-check their inaccurate claims, such as the glaring untruth that the trouble-maker on whose behalf they’re shrilling is female….


“…an LGBT+ activist named Margot, who had been arrested for damaging a homophobic campaigner’s van. Her group had also placed rainbow flags over statues, including a statue of Christ.”

In fact, the freako detained for its offensive antics and its vandalism is not a ‘her’ at all, as has been made clear by the Polish authorities.

Poland’s Opposition Freaks Out – In Their True Colours! 


It’s a man!

But facts don’t matter much when the BBC is in hate-mode, and those pinko creeps in Broadcasting House do hate Poland.


Poland does not currently recognise same-sex unions – whether those are marriages or civil unions. Same-sex couples are also legally banned from adopting children.’

No doubt the shrills who signed the rant are as enthused for so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage’ and handing over defenceless kids to the custody and control of co-habiting homos…



…as they are on succouring the ‘shemale’ behind bars in Warsaw.