Cured Lesbian’s Big Apple Extravagance Exposed!

I noticed an interesting article on Bill De Blasio’s wife and present the link at the bottom of our page for your inspection.

The Mayor of New York City is a dedicated enemy of all that’s good about America….

N.Y. Mayor de Blasio Active Supporter of Brutal Communist Regime

…and a rank hypocrite!

The Biter Bit – Big Apple ‘Informer’ Scheme Backfires! 


His own police force has openly expressed its contempt for the man….

Alien Evil Plagues NYC? Blame Blasio, Not NYPD! 


NYC’s Dead Cops And Bloody Blasio’s Crocodile Tears! 

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s hands “are literally dripping with our blood,” the NYC PBA said tonight NYC PBA: de Blasio hands ‘dripping with blood,’

…and patriots in The Big Apple need no reminding of how Hizonna, even before the racist BLM and the Red Nazi Antifa hoodlums got into desecration of statues in a big way…

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio may take down Christopher Columbus statue

….outraged good citizens by targetting that of Christopher Columbus!

But the main reason I chose this item, to be frank, is purely to give everyone another opportunity to be reminded that, contrary to the shrill denials of the gaystapo lobby, sexual maladjustment can be cured.

His wife, with whom he is evidently very happy, and with whom he has had two children…


From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured!


And now she isn’t – obviously!

Although, as you can learn by reading our final link, she is a terrible drain on the public purse!

BREAKING: Mayor de Blasio’s Wife Accused Of Having A Staff of 14, Including Videographer Paid $70,000