Don’t Vent At The French – They Too Have Vermin Control Issues!

While Le Muppet Macron is a contemptible little man and deserves the hostility directed at him by many British people…



…I hope the fury felt at the Channel crimmigrant tsunami, which does indeed come from France, is not going to be turned into Francophobia.

This video shows exactly how bad things have become there, in Paris….

Marine Le Pen on Facebook Watch

…and in other cities too, like Nantes, not so long ago.

DW did admit that the lawless mayhem erupted in ‘sensitive’ areas.

Hasil gambar untuk sensitive urban zones


Inexplicably, French officialdom uses that adjective to describe banlieue neighbourhoods infested with aliens and their offspring – offspring likely born in France but irredeemably alien in their mentality and allegiance.

There’s nothing remotely ’sensitive’ about savages, so presumably some wet bureaucrat selected the word to dissimulate, to distort real French people’s perception of the lairs of their Enemy Within…

‘State Of Siege’ In Carcassonne’s “Sensitive” Zone! 

The clip also shows how the French police, who surely would dearly love to put the  undesirables down, are clearly under orders not to shoot the vermin!

If it were up to the honest decent people there, savages from the banlieues would be put in their place or put on a boat, not to Britain but to the other side of the Med, where, as noted, the aliens’ allegiance lies.




Let Brits not succumb to out-dared prejudices but instead turn their anger against Johnson and Patel, who could pass laws and derogate from oppressive supranational conventions in a matter of days, if they cared…

If Bad Laws Disadvantage Honest Brits, FIX Them! 

…and remember that all the peoples of Europe are under the same threat, the multicult hell overseen by the Brussels Commissars and their Open Borders collabos…



…and that we should be making common cause with patriot leaders like Marine Le Pen…



…from whose social media the video reached me!