BBC’s Death Threat To British Glory Should Be Its Death Warrant!

A great suggestion: Let’s get Land of Hope and Glory to No.1 in the charts and make the BBC play it.


And good for all those who went out and bought it.

Any doubts about Brits’ readiness to resist the treason coven that runs the BBC must now be dispelled by the news that ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ is topping UK charts.



But what are we to conclude from this wet, weakling in-put from Boris Johnson?



After news Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia! were potentially facing the axe surfaced, Downing Street waded in on the controversy, with a spokesperson for Number 10 releasing a statement.

It read: ‘This is a decision and a matter for the organisers of the Proms and the BBC.

Sod off, Bojo!

I don’t know who has statutory legal responsibility for the Proms, but the BBC belongs to the British people, millions of whom are bullied by Johnson’s government into paying its parasites’ extravagant salaries…



….even though those coerced may never once watch the tax-payer funded propaganda channel.

‘But the PM previously has set out his position on like issues and has been clear that, while he understands the strong emotions involved in these discussions, we need to tackle the substance of problems, not the symbols.’


Get stuffed, you gutless git!

The ‘substance of problems’ at the BBC is how they get away with their non-stop Enemy Within subversion, both of fair play, and honest journalistic practice and their hatred of the British heritage.

Johnson has a majority at Westminster.

Emergency legislation to dethrone the degenerates in Broadcasting House, defund the rogue channel…



…or better still sell it off in bits and pieces, could be passed in days.

If the Lords obstruct, dethrone them too.

A National Revolution is required, peaceful and parliamentary if possible…

….or if not…



..storm their lair and drag them out!


A mere harmless rhetorical flourish, that.

No lawlessness intended!

We must of course all be as law-abiding as the Bristol Police ensured the BLM scum were, when they hauled down that statue.