France 24 Rails At Trump’s “Scare Tactics!” But Not Biden’s!

That rather voracious-looking American hackette employed by France24….



…Genie Godula opened their international news bulletin at 5pm (Jakarta time) on Tuesday. From Chicago, she has been living in France for 20 years, I believe.

I’ve written about F24’s imported leftist hackettes often…

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…but not yet about GG, so today it’s the turn of the Chicagoan, who prompted my critique by this sonorous intro, which some may consider rather hostile to the GOP!


GOP convention showcases rising stars and dark warnings


Republicans use scare tactics on Day 1 of their convention, sendng dark warnings about America’s future.’

Uh, sorry, remind me!

Were we not treated to ‘dark warnings’ from Democrats throughout their convention?

Well, yes, actually!


For Joe Biden, virtual DNC fit with stark warnings about voting, Trump

Do those far-left ‘stark warnings’ aka ‘dark warnings’ not count as ‘scare tactics’ when deployed against Donald Trump?

Did their news flunkey last week begin any bulletin by asserting that the Biden Bunch were engaging in ‘Scare Tactics?’

Just asking!