Jennie BlackPink – Just Another Outbreak Of Aurat Outrage!

Just a little light-hearted look at ‘aurat’ today.

And how lighter one’s heart is at the sight of Jennie!

Pretty Jenny, and uptights’ infantile censorship

I owe a debt of thanks to, which is run by people undoubtedly much more clever than the clowns at Google Translate, who, in response to my request, served this up

Jennie BLACKPINK (Black Pink) recently took a photo shoot with ELLE. After the photos were released, fans felt Jennie was too sensual and indulged in a lot of genitals so they tried to cover it up…

Honestly, ignoring the kooky English, and admittedly it’s difficult to render the uptight word ‘aurat’ into anything that makes sense…


.’Fathers, Husbands, Their ‘aurat’ is your responsibility!’

….can any of you normal folk see anything untoward about Jennie’s minimal cleavage or graceful legs?

Sadly, numerous people here really believe that just about every part of a woman’s body should be covered, including not just ‘genitalia’ but mid-riffs, shoulders, knees etc.

Yes, pathetic, yet if any girl likes to go out and about looking like The Michelin Man, okay.

But the Dark Age notion that husbands and fathers dictate a gal’s dress-code…



However, the delicious young Korean ladies who constitute the Black Pink girl-band do seem to bring out the backwards!

Can’t call such freakin’ killjoys ‘fans!’

Remember, a year or more ago!

BlackPink OK – Thigh Panic Hits Indonesia! 

‘The clothes do not even cover the thighs!’


Image result for shopee blackpink


Meanwhile there’s minor stuff like a global pandemic and the marxist BLM revolt against civilisation going on.

How can ANYONE waste time getting uptight about a cute little chick whose whole body looks great?!?