Priti Patel Has Powers To Declare Staveska ‘Persona Non Grata!’

That pinko Finn Dalia Staveska is trying to pin the blame on ‘BBC Bosses,’ and God knows they’re guilty as sin of many a crime against patriotism.

If Only The BBC Cared About The Country! 

Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?





Dalia is a big supporter of Black Lives Matter and thinks a ceremony without an audience is the perfect moment to bring change,” a BBC source told the Sunday Times.

…It’s hard to take Staveska seriously if she expects us to ignore her ‘praise of Democrat US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,’ who is so far left she could easily fall off the world…

‘Ridiculous,Insulting, Superficial, Simplistic!’ That Sums Up AOC! 



….and it’s impossible to deny the Ukrainian-born Finn’s irrefutably cultural marxist directive to  ‘her 2,100 Twitter followers to listen to a BBC Radio 3 debate about classical music and race, calling it an ‘important conversation.’

It’s an idiotic conversation, except to tell her that anyone, of any race, can play or enjoy classical music, which is indeed a product of Western civilisation but is there for all.

Just like the Last Night of the Proms!

Decent patriots of every colour take delight in Rule Britannia, and Land of Hope and Glory, unlike such ungrateful uppity upstarts as Chi-Chi Nwanoku.

It’s so irrelevant to today’s society. It’s been irrelevant for generations, and we seem to keep perpetuating it.



….If the BBC are talking about Black Lives Matter and their support for the movement, how could you possibly have Rule Britannia as the last concert – in any concert?..”

She’s a pampered rich bitch, with nothing to whine about, but whine she does.

Though note well her recognition of one key reality –



– BBC’s BLM Bias!


Mark the ingrate’s words – …BBC are talking about Black Lives Matter and their support for the movement…                          

That’s a violation of the BBC’s Charter duty to be impartial.


 ‘Chi-Chi’ Nwanoku deserves nothing but contempt and should be treated like a leper.


But the cultural marxist in-crowd don’t give a monkey’s about any charter obligation if it gets in the way of pushing poisonous BLM bilge.

Consider another slimy leftist slug…


… ‘classical music critic’ Richard Morrison, who was in July given a propaganda platform by tax-funded BBC Music Magazine, to flaunt his hatred of patriotism…..

….”there will never be a better moment to drop that toe-curling, embarrassing, anachronistic farrago of nationalistic songs that concludes the Last Night of the Proms.”

What to do with shrill filth like Morrison?



Tarring and feathering would not go amiss, but that’s not allowed by the law of the land, which the BLM rabble flout shamelessly, abetted by craven cops, but good Brits don’t.

Doxxing is another tempting option, but I disapprove of doxxing on principle.

Even low-lifes like Morrison may have Innocent family members who can be put at risk!

So for the moment, there’s that photo, easy to recognise!

He often hangs about Hendon in North London on weekends, so if you bump into him, just tell the stuck-up piece of trash that he doesn’t have to watch the Proms, so he should can the kill-joy cr-p!

But Staveska?

That far-left Finn’s claim that she’s ‘heart-broken?’

If Priti Patel wants to restore what little credibility she still commands among true Brits, after her failure to deport more than a fraction of the Channel crimmigrants, she has to declare Staveska and every foreign BLM afficionado ‘undesirable aliens!’


Persona Non Grata!

Britain is stuck with enough home-grown subversives.

The BBC should not be allowed to import more!


Rule, Britannia!