BBC Lets Blonde (?) Republican (?) Attack Trump, But…?

Who is Tara Setmayer?

We can see she’s a woman who’s good to herself, luxuriantly over-fed and thus presumably successful in her career, not exactly starving!

But desperately unsuccessful in trying to become a blonde.



But she also claims to be a Republican, and what could be better for the BBC’s rabid Trumpophobic agenda…

...than having one of the President’s own party on display, snarling against the President!

She’s not exactly sweet, a coarse cow when she feels like it, having recently called the unfortunate Kanye West “an attention whore, like the president!”

Yet she herself obviously revels in BBC attention!


What does that make her?

She was on at least twice yesterday, Thursday, once when I awoke and again at 11.20am Jakarta time.

Neat trick, Trumpophobic UK Pravda!

But would it at least be less blatant a partisan strategy if the Tax-Funded Propaganda Channel…



….offered a similar platform to one of the many Democrats eagerly lining up to support the President whom the BBC clearly detests so viscerally.

Such Democrats are not so very hard to find – it took my friend who, unlike me, is still on Facebook, a mere minute to find their organised presence.


democrats for trump from

Democrats for Trump 2020 – Home | Facebook

But perhaps the BBC have shown such elementary fairness?



I can’t bear to watch their poisonous bias all day, every day, so maybe I missed some Beeb-Bum interviewing a ‘Democrat for Trump?’

If anybody was lucky enough to have seen such an improbable sight, pray tell!

However, I suspect the Coven that rules in Broadcasting House are all as dishonest as that infamous leftist who used to run their Dateline – which is still stacked every week with Trump-haters – and lied brazenly.

‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC

Oh no you don’t!