Good Morning, UK Pravda! BBC’s BLM Propaganda Show!

‘How a team of film makers in New Jersey have opened a drive-in theatre, with an important message…’
That was the BBC World News, Aaron Safir…


BBC News - Countdown + Intro (April 2020) [FHD 1080p] - YouTube


…the final part of his intro, which sought to lure us to watch till the end of his ‘news.’

But first we had to sit through the Washington hyper-whining rally, complete with family-friendly rants, from kin of the career criminal Floyd…


…his brother lapsing into lachrymose mode but his sister sounding more like a trained orator.

On and on it went, a horribly shrill child, apparently an MLK descendant, and on…

16 Facts About Al Sharpton the Media Won’t Tell You

At George Floyd funeral, Al Sharpton demands Roger Goodell 'give Colin Kaepernick a job'


….and let’s not ignore that ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton!

Incredibly, Bobby Seale of the violent Black Panther Party, an octogenarian now –  so perhaps not so dangerous as once he was…



…but obviously prophetic in his day – I wonder if BLM have borrowed their sloganising from Comrade Seale, as well as their urge to violence.

Incidentally, Black Panthers still prowl the USA today. Obama’s Rat-Pack, Armed Black Panthers – And A Snopes Far-Leftist! 

A really interesting interview.. ‘ breathed Aaron – unaware of, or unconcerned about the man’s record?


And finally we got through to some actual non-BLM news, about Russia’s Navalny, and the Chinese Virus, etc….


Vintage pictures of drive-in movie theaters - Insider


…and we got to that drive-in!

Which in no way resembles the one I enjoyed as a child, similar to the old photo above.

And what was the ‘IMPORTANT MESSAGE?’

Oh, it shows mostly black movies!


  • =======
  • Aaah, obviously important to the BLM, of which the BBC is the UK propaganda wing.

But not to me, nor to many others.

I like good movies regardless of what colour the actors and actresses are.


Though I am partial to Halle Berry.


Typically drive-ins show films with predominantly white actors.

So says the BBC’s movie man Tom Brook. And the ‘organiser’ declared that ‘the death of George Floyd gave us inspiration!’

Yes, no doubt – but not so very inspiring, that criminal record.