Grovelling Newsweek Censors Kamala Controversy!

So Newsweek, once a respected magazine, has ‘apologised!’

What for?

Allowing somebody to raise questions about Kamala Harris’s citizenship?

Looks like she is a citizen, but…

Why should that be off-limits?


Plenty of people believed, some still believe, that Obama was not American.

Not primarily because of the documentation issue but because he was so quintessentially Un-American…



 …so eager to pander to enemy aliens in Gitmo, and to give undesirable aliens – illegal immigrants – parity of esteem with honest, genuine citizens – along with corresponding material benefits!

But the point is, no opinion should be censored.

Debated, of course, refuted if possible, but NOT suppressed!

Newsweek Apologizes for Op-ed Questioning Kamala’s Citizenship