Democrat Finds Kyle Guilty- ‘This Person Murdered Two People!’

“A murderer…”

Was that a slip of the tongue I heard when Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer’s former Policy Adviser, a man named Jim Kessler…


Jimkessler Website Full

Jim Kessler’s old boss, Senator Charles Schumer, labeled Jim a “creative non-conformist.”


….was being interviewed on the Fox News Channel last night, at 00.05, Jakarta time, 31/8/20, when he pronounced 17-year-old Kyle Ritterhouse guilty of murder.

That rather skips past the boring rigmarole of a trial, a judge, a jury, witnesses, evidence,etc.



That can happen, when one’s discussing a criminal case, and we have probably all done it.

I was curious when I composed my post on Kyle’s case…


…but hoped such things wouldn’t happen.

On TV, in an interview, there’s an opportunity to retrieve the situation, to say, aaah…”this man’s currently accused, but we must wait for the trial to determine guilt.” 

But within minutes, still talking about young Kyle, Kessler very clearly did it again.

This person murdered two people!”

Will Democrats now call him out on this?