About 8pm, Jakarta Time, BBC Forgot To Include Blake’s Sexual Assault Charge-Sheet!

I was frying bacon and eggs, as a late tea/early supper when the BBC had some sort of BLM collage, quickly changing scenes, kneeling morons, that gutless Goodall grovelling, screaming street rabble, pictures of the career criminal Floyd, his shrill sister side by side with the charlatan Sharpton…



…at the end of which the dim bint in their news-room seemed ready to swoon.

However, at no point was reference made to the outstanding criminal complaint regarding alleged sexual assault ( a vile assault it is alleged to be, too) on Blake’s sometime girl-friend.

Authorities charged Blake in July with felony third-degree sexual assault, misdemeanor trespassing, and disorderly conduct connected to domestic abuse.


Why is the BBC still in cover-up mode?

We told you about it!

But big-budget UK Pravda?

Did The BBC Even MENTION This Shocking News? 

Why is the BBC still in cover-up mode?

The details are disgusting, true, but the BBC are never reluctant to screen disgusting things…



….they frequently show us Emma Barnett, after all.