Brussels Still At Ease With The Evil Of The Ayatollahs!


Rajabian, 30, said he was arrested following media reports that his latest project will include women singing and the publication of a video of a woman dancing to his music – both of which can be deemed immoral under Iranian law. 

It’s never wise to skip an opportunity to remind people of the imbecilic evil that has Iran in its grip.



Nor to remind you that Iran is not the only place where such a barbaric mentality is to be found.

But we also need to note how Brussels continues to play footsie with the ayatollahs’ sectarian gangsters, Hezbollah…


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Nazi salutes from the Ayatollahs’ Hezbollah –  uniformed in Lebanon now – tomorrow in Berlin?


Some 30 mosques and cultural centers in Germany have links to Hezbollah, according to a 2019 Hamburg intelligence agency report.

The Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah uses a center in Berlin as well as other locations across Germany to recruit members and raise funds for terrorism and weapons purchases, according to a report by the Berlin-based Tagesspiegel newspaper.

…who are now banned in Germany but, in Lebanon, are a powerful tool used wilfully by the tyrants in Iran.

Good that the Germans acted ( very belatedly – Mama Stasi Merkel had no moral qualms about abetting…


Mama Stasi’s Evil Islamist Guest Does A Runner! 

….the escape from justice of an evil ayatollah)

However, the Fourth Reich regime in Brussels is still guilty of the sin of collaboration…


…the official EU position still clings to the erroneous assumption that a true distinction between the political and military wings of the group can be made.

We’ve looked at Hezbollah before, when Comrade Corbyn was in the news – the man ‘has also referred to Hamas and Hezbollah members as his friends….

But Corbyn was known to have no conscience.

Corbyn’s Regrets Over ISIS Rape-Beast Truly Shame His Country! 

Less condemnation flowed when those Scandinavian drabs made their obeisance to sexist shariah subjugation…

Home Sweet Home? Not When Evil Sexists Hold The Keys

  Iran – Contemptible Swedish Cows Crawl To Shariah Sexists 


…betraying all the brave decent women in Iran who defy primitive scarfing diktats.

The article, by three people with whom I probably don’t much agree on other issues, gives a very good summary of the weaponry and cash that Iran’s Islamic mafia gets.

Though the authors equally probably won’t agree with me, I draw the conclusion that Trump is right and ‘Europe’ is wrong – in regard to Tehran, leper status is what those evil old men deserve.

They oppress their own subjects daily and their despotism is a perennial threat to piece.

Both the USA and European governments ought to withdraw recognition and declare support for the royalist resistance.