Epitome Of BBC Bias, ‘Impartial’ Embley Does It Again!

Gosh, it’s nauseating to observe Awful Embley at ‘work,’ getting paid a huge salary gouged from the pockets of Brits who are suffering real hardship.

Embley Shrugs Off Last Shred Of BBC Impartiality! 

”We need more white people to become more conscious of our white privilege!”

Guess which impartial BBC ‘’news’ presenter said that?

BBC News? Embley’s Morning Propaganda Show! 


What’s especially offensive is how bare-faced he is, ‘interviewing’ American leftists day after day, purely to let them happily endorse his own Trumpophobic prejudices, thus not really needing to think up new ‘questions,’ which in any case are just cues.

Again this morning, 8am Jakarta time, after yesterday’s double-whammy of BLM supporters…


BBC Censors Portland News -Instead Presents TWO Pinko Profs! 

…Embley’s guest, a leftwing hack named Gabriel Sherman from the leftwing ‘New York’ magazine…

…dutifully played his part, on issues like the ‘danger’ that Biden voters might not vote – Embley’s words, not Sherman’s, though Sherman manfully ranted about how ‘law and order’ was the only issue Trump could usefully fight on.

Pretty good issue, given the continued riotous mayhem by savages in Portland and the breakdown in civil society in other cities.

Embley, however, looked suitably worried!

Fire the Pinko Parasite!