Mohrenstrasse Nicht Mehr – BLM Fanatics Force German ‘Apology!’

All kinds of BLM nutjobs rejoicing in Berlin, where years of uptight nagging has finally caused a fine old street to be renamed.


Protest against Mohrenstrasse (Imago/IPON)Whining leftists get their way.


Mohrenstrasse means Moor Street, and long before you or I were born, the Berlin thoroughfare had some connection to black people, from North Africa, where the Moors had their home.

The Moors in long-ago Berlin may have felt touched to have a street named in their honour. We’ll never know.

But now it’s been renamed, after lengthy caterwauling by a pack of whining trouble-makers calling themselves ‘Decolonize Berlin.’

What a bizarre name the far-left uppities chose for their agitprop outfit!

There’s certainly a lot to be said for the principle of decolonising Berlin, and many other cities in Germany…

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…which have been colonised by undesirable aliens!

But the ‘collective of organizations focusing on the rights of Africans, Afro-Deutsch and on post-colonialism is certainly not much interested in the plight of Germans, and in particular of Berlin’s Jews…

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…suffering at the hands of alien settlers.

Instead they got their multikulti knickers in a twist because Germany’s capital has various place-names that evoke Germany’s imperial past!

And why shouldn’t Germans have some streets or squares thus named?

Apology Now?’

Who do the lousy leftist loudmouths think they are?

How pathetic and insolent can such people be?

That’s a rhetorical question, BTW!

They are…


But now Berlin’s local government has crawled on its belly and reinvented Mohrenstrasse, incomprehensibly choosing to rename it after some Ghanaian academic!

If they’d wanted to call it something modern-sounding, why not…


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But isn’t it odd, how in Germany today a street has to be renamed to appease uppity leftists, yet despite widespread protests from honest decent Germans…

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…a statue can be erected in honour of a monster?