Navalny’s In The News, But Keep Munir In Mind!

I have to say something before the day is over about the case of Munir, the man murdered for his fight against the evil elements in the Indonesian elite.

Like the Russian dissident, Munir was poisoned on a plane. Unlike Navalny, he died.

The Jakarta Post had an article about him today…

In light of Munir’s murder, Sept. 7 proposed as ‘national human rights defenders day’

….and it is impressive how his brave widow, Suciwati, is still seeking justice for her husband after all these years.

I wrote about the case years ago and append a couple of links for those interested.

Why Not, Pak Wiranto? Avenge Munir – And The Martyrs!

Munir, Don’t forget him!


No NEED To Tell Munir Murder Story? But CAN They? 

The only criticism I would make of the JP piece is that they say nobody knows who killed the man in such a cowardly way.

It’s true nobody has been definitively convicted of the murder, but I think many people know very well who carried out the crime, and a lot of people have a fairly good idea of who ordered the hit.



Until charges are laid and a court reaches a verdict, however, we are obliged not to name names.

In September 2016, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo made a public pledge to resolve the case of Munir’s murder.

But the Indonesian authorities have yet to publish the report into the investigation, in violation of Presidential Decree No. 111/2004 on the establishment of the fact-finding team on Munir’s killing..

It would be pleasing if President Jokowi opened up the findings for public inspection.
Surely, it’s the least Suciwati deserves!