BBC Don’t Think Pelosi Meddling’s “Incredibly Provocative?”

Incredibly provocative!’

That was BBC’s Vicky Young giving her impartial verdict on the British Government’s perfectly legitimate move on Ulster.

But whom did it provoke?

Britain’s adversaries, of course.



The Brussels Empire does not like any challenge to its arrogance.

The Remainers of the Labour, LibDem and SNP separatist parties, undoubtedly.

But even Ms.Young had to admit that many a Brit will find no fault with the remedial legislation.

Curiously, no BBC hack or hackette described Plastic Pelosi’s meddling in British affair ‘incredibly provocative!’



But young Vicky Young’s senior UK Pravda comrade Eades…


David Eades - David Eades Photos - SportAccord 2018 - Day 5 - Zimbio

( yes, him again!  So NOBODY Objects To Toppling Robert E Lee? BBC Censorship! )


…was back on the screen at 11.30, quoting that old has-been John Major, ever-ready to jump through Europhiliac hoops as required…


…the PM who pled ignorance while his henchman Mayhew was up to his snobby neck in plotting sell-out with Sinn Fein/IRA…

UKIP Un-British? Look At Major’s Record! 

…then turning to John Fitzgerald, a Dublin professor, a typical BBC ‘expert,’ who waxed and wailed about how ‘serious’ the issue was, invoking Plastic Pelosi as one justification for his rant.

Eades did the usual BBC trick, one ‘expert’ tearing into the proposed British legislation, and another…ooops, no other expert, with or without inverted commas, no balance at all!

Their next guest was Nick Beak, BBC’s own Brussels correspondent, who told us how wounded were the feelings of the Euro-Commissars.

Big deal!


At that point, happy deliverance, a welcome visitor came to brighten my day, so no more BBC till nearly 3pm.

When I switched the tv back on, another BBC hackette named Philippa Thomas was providing a platform for one of the X-Stinko gang, a man named Todd.

She never once challenged his eulogy of that green lout outfit…

….never even tried to put him on the spot over the recent assault on press freedom.