Attacks By Savages Won’t Stop Italy’s Patriots!

When it’s got the stage where a patriot hero can be publicly assaulted by a frenzied, uppity alien…

An assault by an African woman on the right-wing politician Matteo Salvini has put race relations and migration centre stage before regional elections this month.

During a walkabout in the Tuscan town of Pontassieve, near Florence, Mr Salvini was attacked by a 29-year-old Congolese-born woman who tore off the rosary beads he wore around his neck, shouting: “Curse you!”

…let’s hope even more Italians draw the logical conclusion and demand an immediate start to the expulsion of ingrate criminals.

And the best immediate step they can take, towards that infinitely desirable goal, is to vote for his Lega party, and their allies too, like Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli


Unlike that savage who attacked Salvini, Ms. Meloni is a real lady – one of my favourites! Giorgia On My Mind! UK Should Heed This Wise Woman’s Words! 


….parties which were already predicted to do well in the extensive regional elections, all over Italy, due to take place next weekend, 20/21 September.