Remainer Rebel Bob Neill’s A Lawyer – And Worse!

On the tried and tested principle of ‘Know Your Enemy,’ we took a quick look into this geezer Bob Neill, MP, and were not surprised to learn that he’s a lawyer by trade.


Official portrait of Sir Robert Neill MP crop 2.jpg

Europhiliac Neill actually looks like a lawyer!

He’s also a Freemason – I was thinking the other day, with the virus ban on handshaking…

…how do Freemasons recognise each other when they meet for the first time?

But that’s their problem.

Sir Bob Neill is a problem for Brits who understand that the Brussels Empire is an implacable enemy!



It was interesting to read that even Boris Johnson has openly admitted this…


Boris Johnson: EU a threat to integrity of the UK

PM defends decision to alter Brexit divorce deal, saying he cannot hand Brussels the ‘power to carve up our country’ Daily Telegraph, 12/9


…though whether Bojo has the guts to say this to the Euro-Commissars’ arrogant faces remains to be seen.

Incidentally, Bojo’s political judgement must still be in grave doubt after he had the Queen confer a knighthood on Neill, as recently as this year, for political services!

Because Neill is what he always has been, a Europhiliac, who has been identified as having, not once, but TWICE…


….backed the ghastly un-conservative Kenneth Clarke as Conservative Party leader.

And now Neill is the author of an amendment which would undermine Johnson’s attempt, albeit timid and belated, to tackle Brussels’ insidious intention to undermine British Ulster’s place in the United Kingdom.

Ireland FURY: Dublin lashes out at Boris Johnson over Brexit…

We know that Neill is a man whose stalwart devotion to following the letter of the law is a matter of record.

As of 2008, Neill claims an allowance for a second home outside London, despite his constituency home being only 12 miles from Westminster.[17]

A spokesman said that his claims were “in accordance with the rules”.[18]   Wikipedia

We also know Johnson’s move must be in the right direction because Ulster’s bad neighbour, expansionist Eire, is angry!


Image result for evil irishman


Boris attacked by Taoiseach after Brexit plan shock


Johnson cannot, unfortunately, recall that knighthood, but he can expel Neill from the Parliamentary Conservative Party if the posh barrister persists with that wrecking amendment.



It will be a test of Bojo toughness to see if such expulsion is decreed, as happened once before, but before any patriotic Brits cheer any such move, best bide yer time, as they say…



Bojo Brings Back Half The Rat-Pack! 

…because the last time Johnson flexed his ‘muscles’ like that, he performed one of his many u-turns and let a lot of them back in!