Oz People Power, Yes! But Beware GetUp Reds’ Dirty Tricks!

We wrote about that Lambie lady quite a long while ago…

Senator Lambie Must Be Specific on Shariah! 


  • Senator Lambie
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  • Senator Lambie said any Australian who supported sharia should not have the right to vote or get welfare payments.  “Anybody that is supporting or calling for sharia law in Australia should get out, simple as that,” she told reporters in Hobart on Monday.


…but now she’s back in the news again…


…with a promise to ‘outsource’ her decision when Scott Morrison’s sensible proposal to permit confiscation of mobile phones from detained aliens comes before the Australian Senate.

It’s a dashed fine idea, BTW!

No reason at all why Australia should not follow Austria’s example!

Austria Approves Bill Requiring Migrants to Pay Fees, Hand inPhones

Gambar terkait

Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

But let’s not get diverted.

By ‘outsourcing,’ the Senator apparently means abiding by an opinion poll to be organised on her website.

Abiding by the popular will is a good Australian tradition…



…for legislators are there to speak for the people, and how can they do that if they don’t hear the people’s voice?

Tasmania’s Senator Lambie has at least one wise decision to her credit, when she supported Scomo’s removal of the absurd law that let diseased aliens into Oz from off-shore detention.

But the way I read the piece in the SMH suggests Ms. Lambie is not going to consult only those she was elected to represent, but everybody in Australia!

Frankly, that’s not really her job.



Far better if Scott Morrison put the issue – and other issues, like those I suggest further down the page – to a referendum or plebiscite or whatever.

The danger is, the Lambie poll idea throws the issue open to powerful, big-bucks fanatics like the nasty red GetUp gang….

Oz Get-Up Mob Exposed – What Are They Hiding? 

….the lowest form of antipodean political excrement…


Aussies Fight Climate Panic, Far-Left ‘Get-Up’ Freaks Out! 

….whom we looked at briefly earlier this year.

Her initially appealing plan to put power into the hands of the people could easily be hi-jacked!

GetUp are not noted for any great interest in direct democracy…

…because they are probably smart enough to realise that, on what should be non-party-political issues, like crimmigrant bludger-boats, the death penalty, and even things like corporal punishment for bad brats…



..if everyday Australians had their way, the decadent bollocks-think that prevails in Canberra would soon make way for common sense.

In a full-scale referendum battle, GetUp’s far-left follies would stand little chance.

But on a solitary website, operated by Ms. Lambie, who has no significant nationwide organisation, think of all those marxist agitprop bad guys with tons of cash and rabid red running-dogs in every city…?

Not an encouraging prospect.

If she wants to ask her own constituents, registered to vote in Tassie, okay, give it a shot!

But otherwise?

Not so much!


Re-reading a variety of media reports, it sounds as if she’s not binding herself to go with whatever the poll majority might turn out to be.

I therefore reserve judgement.

She seems smart enough to go the right way.