BBC Exalts Know-Nothing Kim Kardashian…Why?

Around 8.30pm Jakarta time, typing up blog-posts for the weekend, then UK Pravda caught my attention!



The BBC thinks Kim Kardashian, who is possibly the person least deserving of the title ‘celebrity’ in the world ( though there are many rival candidates) is newsworthy.



What a strange sort of ‘journalism’ the BBC performs.

They ignore serious news…

About 8pm, Jakarta Time, BBC Forgot To Include Blake’s Sexual Assault Charge-Sheet! 


Another BBC Cover-Up? What Did Biden Say To The Jew-Hater? 


…and focus our attention on a woman with big boobs and a fat ass…


Kanyedashian – Who The Hell Cares? 

…only because she is joining this week’s far-left fatuous boycott of Facebook (and other so-called social media) over its ‘’hate-content!’

In fact, Facebook deserves to be hammered, but for its bigoted censorship of anti-left, patriotic, conservative content.

Facebook’s Hate-Freaks – Exposed! 


They even threw me off for telling folks about the Cikeusik Pogrom.

But if you have not been excluded by Zuckwit’s Geekstapo, please go there asap.

It’s the least one should do, to show that the Kardashian bint’s opinions, exalted by UK Pravda, no more deserve attention than yours, or mine, or the guys who pick up the trash out front of my humble home every morning.