Listen To The Vermin!

Of course I’m referring to those BLM/Antifa Red Nazi vermin, whom the BBC will  never ever expose the way this video does!



If you are likely to be upset by foul, filthy savages using foul, filthy abuse, against cops on duty who cannot therefore batter the scum as they deserve, don’t watch and listen.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants taunt LAPD and LASD deputies, making remarks about how they’ll rape a cop’s girlfriend like a dog instead of a pig…



Check out this video on YouTube:

But it is useful to know your enemy!

Meanwhile, as has been  been wIdely noticed, Kamala Harris, who had such a lovely chat with the Blakes, offering warm words of comfort to that man charged with sexual assault, has not, so far, visited the shot cops in hospital.

Has she been deterred by the potential presence of the vile BLM fans bellowing hate?