Red Nazis Attack German Patriot Conference!

Why did Deutsche Welle, the German tax-funded propaganda channel, bizarrely describe a red nazi antifa mob out to terrorise honest citizens as ‘anti-racist protesters?’

The DW report on how far-left thugs in Brunswick attacked police last weekend seems otherwise accurate enough.
The cops had to deploy not only mounted officers against the red scum, but also ‘dogs, pepper spray and batons.’



These marxist hoodlums were on the streets of Braunschweig (the city’s German name) in an attempt to stomp democracy, forming ‘blockades to prevent delegates’ attending the Lower Saxony state conference of the AfD patriot party.

The AfD is not only a legal political organisation but also the main opposition in the Bundestag, the federal parliament.

The red nazi louts, who actually showed up not as any ‘anti-racist’ movement but under the banner of an “Alliance against the Right” i.e. a far-left jackboot gang, engaged in “verbal and physical abuse” of law-abiding Germans attending the conference.

One might think that if any of the rabble were truly anti-racist they’d be of better use protecting Jews in Berlin from the sectarian scum imported by Merkel.

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But in fact, as with French BLM marxists…

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… ‘anti-racism’ is just another tactic used by Germany’s Enemy Within.