Black Beauty Slaps Down ‘Ole Black-Face’ Behar

Here’s a nice little Sunday brunch appetiser for you, a report ( including a video) on the jolly scenes which erupted when that incredibly ugly old leftist cow Joy Behar was put well and truly in her place by a very attractive young black Republican candidate.

Kimberly Klacik

An interview on “The View” with Kimberly Klacik, a Republican running for Congress in Maryland, ended badly after Klacik called out host Joy Behar for her blackface scandal.


I’m not sure which is more fascinating, the way the far-left talk-show clique rush to shut down cute Kimberley….

Image result for joy behar

….or how SOS ( Sad Ole Sow) Behar, exposed for wearing black-face, seeks to assert that there are two types of black-face, one worn as harmless fun…



… by normal people ( and thus offensive to extreme left kill-joys) and the other, worn for much the same reasons but by extreme left kill-joys and therefore beyond criticism if defined as ‘homage.’