Did BBC Make ANY Reference To This Huge News?

A lot of the reports that I see on other news media but not on UK Pravda are arguably minor news…



.. though not to victims of Red Nazi Antifa and/or BLM racist violence.

But this easily verifiable report is surely HUGE news…



China Released COVID On Purpose, Confirms WHO Virologist

The coronavirus that has decimated countless economies and killed more than 950,000 people globally was manufactured and released “intentionally” by the Chinese Communist Party, claims virologist…
China Released COVID on Purpose, Confirms WHO Virologist


…which has been featured on a wide variety of media, including the leftist CNN.

Even here in Indonesia, local news sites have covered the shocking exposure of Red China’s immoral antics.

But though I have put her name in various forms into the BBC news-search, what do I find?



A Great Big Nothing!

This lady’s revelations have been subject to furious attacks by a number of scientists and most significantly by her former colleagues in Hong Kong who are, of course, under permanent threat from Adolf the Pooh in Beijing.


But what has prompted widespread interest and support for her is the action taken by the Communist-collabo Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey…

Twitter’s Lady In Red – Dorsey’s New Censoress? 

….who acted last week to shut down Dr. Li’s Twitter account.

Jack Dorsey has distinguished himself as a ruthless censor..

….who operates a dirty double-standard, always intolerant of the right, habitually indulgent towards the left.

We are unsurprised that Twitter stomps a terrifying truth.

But why is the BBC doing the same?