In Canada, Freedom of Information Ain’t Free?

Nothing that happens in Canada these days surprises me any more.



With Justin ‘Pretty Boy’ Turdo in charge, there seems to be no end to the way institutions that used to be the pride of the Dominion…


….are being manipulated into serving the Liberal louse’s leftist agenda.

The latest scandal, which the mostly collabo Canadian media will no doubt do their best to ignore…



…has been exposed by Rebel News, a rare, courageous voice which has done a great job on a number of issues.

All credit to the admirable Ezra Levant for the research which leads him to pose a shocking question –

Why did the Canadian Armed Forces plan an “information war” against Canadians? 

That’s not what Canadians expect to hear about their CAF.

  • But there’s plenty more, viz. –
  • ..
  • Did you know the Canadian military had plans to spy on Canadian social media users who are skeptical about Trudeau’s actions during the pandemic? 
  • Not only did they draft plans to spy on Canadians, they made plans to conduct an information war, in Canada, to support Trudeau’s official “narrative.”
  • Those are a few of many shocking revelations in a document Rebel News obtained through an Access to Information request.Click here to watch my monologue from The Ezra Levant Show, where I take you through the plan, page by page. 
  • .oooooo


But what about this?

  • The only way we could have gotten this document is by filing an Access to Information request. 
  • We file hundreds of those a year and spend tens of thousands of dollars in fees to do it. 
  • That’s why we launched to help crowdfund the costs. Can you please contribute to help us cover the cost of some of our research? 
  • ..
  • I had no idea that citizens had to pay to get hold of info which should be available free of charge!

  • I wonder why the Feds feel they need to deter curious Canadians concerned about what’s going on in their country.

  • By all means, chip into Ezra’s fighting fund.

  • His rebels are at war with the Enemy Within and need all the ammo they canget.

  • But should somebody not be opening another front in the struggle, to get such charges cancelled?