Emmett McFarlane Should Resign Or Be Fired!


Emmett McFarlane is no ghetto gangsta man but a highly paid academic, whom some might say epitomises so-called ‘white privilege….

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But his irresponsible incitement should surely result in immediate removal of some parts of his privileged life-style, notably any access he has to young minds and to his salary.

How he could retain his job in which he purports to be an authority on constitutional matters after his incendiary yelping is beyond absurd. 

He must be fired!

I expect outraged people in Canada have already proposed police investigation…



…since it is proper to prosecute dangerous fire-raising exhortations that put lives and property at risk.

As I remarked above, ghetto hoodlums and illegal aliens are expected to be wicked.

But ‘educated’ people?

This malevolent is alas not the only anti-social leftist engaged in evil incitement – see the link at the bottom of our page.

They should all be made to answer in court.

But as an Ontario lad, I felt it right to focus on a very nasty specimen prowling my province of birth, a gutless swine too, because once he’d issued his arson call, he ‘protected his account on Twitter!’


Will Dirty Dorsey do anything about Twitter being used for arson-incitement?

Hell no, I’d guess! 

Democratic constitutional politicians on the right are stomped by Dorsey’s jackboot, but gutless pinko creeps like McFarlane?