Italy – Crimmigrant Ingratitude Reaches A New Nadir!

Italy is in shock after Father Roberto Malgesini was stabbed to death on September 15. The priest was well known in the northern Italian city of Como for his work helping immigrants and the homeless.

The alleged killer, a Tunisian man with mental health problems, turned himself in to the police after the attack.




Not on the crime!

But on the Italian election results, having commented a few days ago…

Viva Susanna! Can This Right Beauty Take Tuscany? 

…I am obliged to express regret at the fact Susanna didn’t win Tuscany.

But Giorgia Meloni’s party did take the prize they sought in Central Italy.


Her star continues to rise.

The Left held off their worst-case scenario, but despite the way the biased media are presenting the outcome, there’s still high hopes whenever Cur Conte’s coalition dares to face the people in a general election.