Zombies And Aliens Invade London!  

Londoners were reportedly panicked by a fairly unremarkable circular from Wandsworth Council, suggesting they keep a grab-bag handy in case of any unforeseeable disaster


…an idea that surely makes good sense.

Sensible foreigners ( and no doubt locals too ) here in Jakarta keep such satchels ever handy, documents, a spot of cash, change of clothes, and, in my case at least, treasured photos.


Fire, flood, earthquakes etc. do not ring you up to say they’re OTW.


But what an uproar, reminding me of those eejits who wet their pants when War of the Worlds, was it, got presented – before my time, admittedly – as a radio fake-‘documentary…’ …

See the source image


…and thousands freaked out, back in the Thirties.’

There was mockery too, some clown asking if Wandsworth might be expecting an invasion of “zombies and aliens! ‘


Well, we can rest assured, from existing evidence, that aliens would not be seen as a threat by the authorities.
Boris Johnson and his Home Secretary, Priti Patel, would instantly offer the delighted extra-terrestrials free food and accommodation…


Free Everything For Alien Spongers, Or Else!?! 

…no time limit specified, and no matter the government might have no clue as to the aliens’ character or intentions, no attempt made to detain them securely in their gratis quarters.

BBC Wales has been told all 250 asylum seekers would be men and would be free to move around the area while their claims are dealt with.

As to zombies, it’s not clear if undead cannibals would qualify so readily for access to the public purse.



Fans of The Walking Dead (new series starting in Jakarta on October 5th!) will, however, be aware that zoms can be herded into preferred directions.

So the next time the BLM rabble stage one of their hate demos…


Thompson shouted. “F*** your motherf***ing peace, white racist motherf***ers!

Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast – BBC Silent! 

…could the authorities not get the flesh-hungry horrors moving en masse towards the scene of the racist manifestation, urging the putrescent lurchers along with jolly cries of –

‘Come And Get it!?’