Trumpophobic Jakarta Post? Time To Pull The Plug!

There are a number of uptight Trumpophobe Americans in Jakarta and they no doubt will have been delighted to read the ‘opinion” in the Jakarta Post earlier this month…

…actually, more a long-drawn-out whine than an ‘opinion,’ from its deputy editor, a geezer named M. Taufiqurrahman.

This hack witters about his ‘love’ for America…

’America, we love you, but you’re bringing us down…’

But it’s a very conditional love, which depends, it seems, on whether or not Americans vote as this undistinguished Indonesian pinko journo thinks fit and proper.

He even takes a side-swipe at President Jokowi….

…if anything, the Trump government’s “inspire-hope” campaign very much looks like…


 …what the administration of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo attempted when allocating $5.2 million to pay influencers to promote Indonesia’s tourism industry, which has been battered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like, what’s that got to do with America?

Mr. M T, remember, is a senior level J.P. guy, so when he goes on to moan about the poor hard-done-by American left-liberal media…



…quoting their pressure group, the so-called ‘Committee to Protect Journalists’ that President Trump’s rhetoric and actions have discredited the media and threaten democracy in America…

when in fact we know it’s biased left-liberal media that have been making war on democracy there…

we are entitled to ask him about the Indonesian media he himself is part of, notably the Jakarta Post and its parent company, Gramedia.


M Tauf should be offering an ( albeit belated)  denunciation of Gramedia’s outrageous collaboration in a Nazi-style book-burning.

Jakarta Post Against Book-Burning – If The Books Are Leftist

…and of his Jakarta Post’s nauseating double-standard, bemoaning arson of leftist books but abjectly failing to issue any editorial condemnation of that Hitlerian scene in the photo above!

Instead, get this leftist drivel!

Looking at how things are going in America right now, people who are convinced that America could be the force of good are now getting really worried.

True, because Trump is still slightly behind the ever further leftwing Dems!

But that’s not Tauf’s meaning!

The US has been fraught with problems ranging from racism and economic inequality to militarization of its society, but we feel it has now reached its breaking point.



Thompson shouted. “F*** your motherf***ing peace, white racist motherf***ers!

Major Party Candidate Exposed As Racist Hate-Beast – BBC Silent! 

Yes, the vicious BLM bigots are a problem.

As for economic inequality, we must acknowledge that bad billionaires are a blight on American society, Soros being one obvious example…



…but not to forget the many other malign magnates funding Biden’s hefty war-chest.

Stripping them of their wealth and spreading it among the humble, honest, patriotic people who like Trump?


As to ‘militarisation of its society,’ one is at a loss to know what he’s wittering about…



….unless it’s the violence of the red nazi antifa hoodlum movements.

Back to the Trumpophobe, Tauf, whose confessions are moving.

I can say from personal experience that loving America is difficult. 

This is so, apparently, because he got a speeding ticket in 2008, while rushing to celebrate Obummer the racist’s election victory….



…which he describes as one of America’s greatest political achievements…

Yeah, right!

But nowadays, Tauf’s got his knickers in a right, sorry left, twist, because, and here’s the accurate measure of  this JP man’s bitter leftism…

this November, if voters in the Midwest make another wrong choice, it would be impossible to love America. –


Actually, I love Indonesia, and that’s despite awful things here, like the FPI…



…and the obsession among some of the so-called ‘intelligentsia’ with attempts to rehabilitate the unlamented red vermin of the PKI.


Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 

One hopes Mr. T will not stop loving his own country if Indonesians don’t follow the august advice of a callow Jakarta Post deputy editor on how to vote.

About the same proportion of Americans as Indonesians read this little blog of mine. It’s free and I hope they enjoy it.


It’s high time those who actually waste their money subscribing to Tauf’s newspaper start UNSUBSCRIBING!

If they want a good spread of local news, they’ll get a better standard of reporting in Tempo!

As for overseas news, there’s plenty out there, and the JP uses so much agency stuff, why not read actual overseas media?

It would be nice to see Tauf’s leftist rag flushed down the toilet!

BOYCOTT the Jakarta Post.