Panic Attack At BBC – Shock Truth Outbreak!

As the news of the wicked murder of a police sergeant at Croydon Custody Centre in London came through today, among those people whom the BBC invited to discuss the circumstances ( 5pm news, Jakarta time) was a retired copper.

Much of what he said was relevant but unremarkable.


He got stuck in, calling out the vacuous twits who complain about police searching dodgy characters, and urging that there be more attention to rising crime instead of all the bleating about ‘police oppression!‘




Somebody got onto BBC to say what normal people think!?!


See the source image


He thinks the police deserve SUPPORT?

We should give them the benefit of the doubt rather than insult them as oppressors, when they’re up against vicious criminals?

Panic stations!



The large female presenter rushed to say that the crime should not be  –

‘…linked to politics…’

Never caught the honest man’s name, but he made my day!


I somehow fear he won’t be invited back onto B(LM)BC, ever again.