Back To School? Expel The Insolent Brats!

We keep hearing how important it is that children get back to school, that their education is suffering, due to a variety of attendance restrictions related to the Chinese Virus.

China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan


Yet today what’s been all over the news?

School ‘strikes, as ‘incited by the Addled Swede Brat!


The Addled Swede Brat


Time to call time on these uppity, obnoxious, little munchkins.

Every school in every country must know who comes to class and who doesn’t.

Next time, expel the nasty little ingrates.


And NO appeals.

They spurn free education in favour of collective churlishness.

Let them therefore apply to that mentally-afflicted ‘child,’ whom they regard as the fount of wisdom, for certificates to present to prospective employers.  

She can award them As, Bs and Cs in Climate Crisis Caterwauling.


Asinine, Brainless and Cacophonous!.