How Low Can Biden’s Hate-Freaks Sink?

I have never heard of these Biden bitches, Diane Warren and Ellen Barkin, and don’t really want to again, but they are a slimy pair of sows…



…the Warren woman having compared Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to an apparently horrid fictional character called ‘Aunt Lydia’ and ‘likening her to a Stepford wife….

But these Hollywood hags are surely surpassed in their sleazy shrilling by a creep called Dana Houle.




Unless Trump nominated a clone of Bader Ginsberg, we knew it was going to get dirty, but Houle, a veteran Democrat Party hack, hit a new low…



….by going after Barrett’s adopted children, two of whom are black.

Some adoptions from Haiti were legit,” brayed Houle. “Many were sketchy as hell.” 

The vile creep deleted that tweet, but not, it says ( I say it because it’s not clear what sex Houle is) through shame and remorse at sinking so low, but “because I didn’t realize all the rubes out there would take offense to it.”

’Rubes’ is slang used by American snobs to dismiss common folk…

… whom they feel infinitely superior, though God knows how somebody like Houle can feel superior to any living creature on land or sea.