Don’t Waste Your Time With BBC’s Post-Debate Bunkum!

I didn’t get to watch all of the Trump/Biden show because I had several important commitments this Jakarta morning, though I did catch Biden’s most arrogant moment….

Sleepy Joe Pleads The Fifth!

….and let you know what I though of his elitist condescension.

I gather the BBC is in the next hour or two going to have an ‘inquest’ with ‘fact-checking’ and frankly…


….who would trust UK Pravda to do anything like that fairly?

So when I saw this…

Before mainstream media declares Joe Biden the de facto winner just because he’s the Democrat nominee, head over to our post-debate analysis to get commentary that isn’t skewed by insane left-wing bias….

And you can watch it FREE on YouTube.


……I thought I’d pass it on, so that non-Trumpophobes can relax and watch some rational discussion.

Over to you!