Indonesia, 30 Sept.65 – When The Red Threat Ended!

Today there will be ceremonies of commemoration around Indonesia, but also attempts by the worst elements in society to rehabilitate the red vermin of the PKI – the Indonesian Communist Party.



There can be no doubt that those red vermin, backed by Red China, were dead-set on establishing a totalitarian tyranny in this lovely archipelago.


Don't burn booksa 1965 demo by the totalitarian hypocrites of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party, in the heart of Jakarta.


Good people, of all religions, welcomed the action taken by part ( not all! ) of the armed forces to stop the Communists achieving their grim objective.


There can also be no doubt that many thousands of people, innocent dupes of the PKI, gulled into labour and peasant communist front organisations, were killed, left to their fate by high-up PKI scum who skulked off to safe havens in Red China, or the Soviet Union.

Some of them, disgracefully, were given sanctuary in Western countries.

Other poor dupes were not killed but still subjected to victimisation after the PKI threat was crushed, and, particularly unjustly, their families too. 

Most of those PKI exile swine have died off, but some not – we have noted in the past that several have never repented of their marxist evil.



Their friends among the ‘intelligentsia’ here have very cleverly, shamefully, muddied the waters of modern history, arguing, rightly, that children and other relatives of those guilty of communism should not be persecuted for the sins of their parents….

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…but then, in the slyest way, extending that argument to evil reds who have never repudiated the foul creed they served back then.

Just a few thoughts!

There has been much discussion recently about the dangers of a PKI return.

I doubt that will happen, unless the younger generation is misled into thinking that there marxism had some merit in 1965…



…or does now.