Britain Needs ONE Pro-British Party, Not Three!

No wonder that abominable Europhiliac media outlet, The New European, is all over this story…


…because ‘Divide and Conquer’ has been a key strategy in every war, probably since Stone Age tribes first wielded clubs and rocks against each other.

Of course the establishment parties in the UK are a source of disgust to patriots, proven again and again in recent months by the Tories’ weak-kneed stance on policing BLM rabble…


London Fallen Indeed? Cur Cops Crawl Before The Rabble!  none of the nauseating kneeler bobbies were disciplined for dereliction of duty….


…..and on Channel crimmigrants….

Zombies And Aliens Invade London!   

….with opposition parties only critical because Johnson and Patel are not personally kneeling at the feet of the racist BLM mob…


…and not personally on the beaches to throw garlands around the necks of primitive parasites illegally landing .

Nigel Farage has had two goes at getting things done, UKIP and the Brexit Party.


Nigel Farage


Either could have served as foundations to build a bigger and better resistance movement.

But though his fans stay together, for example with a significant following on Facebook, he’s left them adrift.

Laurence Fox, the actor, seems to be a dashed fine chap…

Laurence Fox photographed on The Old Oswestry Hill Fort in Shropshire - Heathcliff O'Malley for The TelegraphLaurence Fox


…but does he have the political skills to turn his ‘Reclaim’ into an effective political fighting force.

And David Kurten, whom we wrote about a while ago…

Astounding! German TFPC Puts UK Pravda To Shame! 

….has his new Heritage Party, with excellent ideas, but where’s the organisational beef?

Unity is strength.

Separate patriot parties within one country are all very  well, if the country is Italy, for example, where the electoral system affords them the chance to work together and win.

But not in the UK.

Talks need to start.

More on this before the weekend!