SWR Cover-Up! Antifa Infiltrating Freiburg Polizei?

We keep seeing shock-horror reports about ‘right-wing extremists’ said to be ‘infiltrating’ various German state institutions…


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Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

…and given Mama Stasi Merkel’s own dodgy record, we can understand why she might get worked up about this.

But what about the REAL enemies of German democracy, the Antifa Red Nazis?



We have to ask, because by a very curious set of circumstances, it’s become public knowledge that, in one German Police Office, in Freiburg, to be precise, somebody who works there has displayed his or her hatred of the AfD patriot party prominently.

In the past, political policing certainly did exist in Germany, the Nazi Gestapo and the Communist Stasi being infamous examples.

But today, German cops have an obligation to be politically neutral.


You can see the Antifa-style poster – ‘FCK AFD’ – on the wall in the photo below.


So which officer put it there?

How many senior officers saw it and failed to tell their Antifa subordinate to take it down?

Or was it placed in its prominent position by a very senior officer of Antifa inclinations, making the subordinates fear to take it down?


How many Antifa sympathisers infest that police force?

Things is, nobody would have known about it, because ordinary citizens don’t usually go beyond the public counter of a cop-shop.

However, a German tv station, SWR, was doing a worthwhile documentary on criminals who operate scamming rackets, phoning vulnerable victims.

Totally non-political show!


When SWR broadcast it, they included a scene in the offices where the relevant police were carrying out their investigations.

And THAT’s when the far-left flag, or poster, or whatever it is, was included in the tv show!

You can watch it by using this link.

Betrug am Telefon – Wie alte Menschen um ihr Geld gebracht werden | betrifft: | SWR Fernsehen | SWR





SWR has quite brazenly hidden the evidence of far-leftism in the heart of a major German police force by superimposing….

….a large rectangular blur over the Antifa propaganda on display there!

Watch the scamming documentary – it’s just 30 minutes into that video.

And yet…would a publicly funded broadcaster like SWR collaborate in a cover-up of extreme left activity in that Freiburg cop-shop?


It rang a bell, from nearly five years ago!

AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

I leave it to readers in Germany to draw their own conclusions!