BBC Skips Democrat News – Skank Of The Year, Zara Rahim!

I tried exploring the BBC news-site for mention of something that sheds a bright light on the dark side of the Democrat Party.

After finding out Trump had coronavirus, the former Obama WH staffer and Clinton National Spokeswoman tweeted –

“I hope he dies..”


Zara Rahim, a former top campaign staffer to both Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, is facing fierce backlash for a tweet wishing death to President Trump, who revealed just hours earlier that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus. (Screengrab via Twitter/@ZaraRahim)

I use the word ‘skank’ advisedly, since the ugly bitch in the photo above introduced ‘morality’ into her death-wish tweet.

Skank | Definition of Skank by Merriam-Webster
Skank definition is – a person and especially a woman of low or sleazy character.

In the comments column yesterday, I expressed my belief that such low-lifes would crawl out of Democrat dung-heaps to make such observations, and this warthog has duly obliged.

She is reportedly a very prominent Democrat, erstwhile senior spokeswoman for deplorable Hillary Clinton and a much appreciated Obummer employee.

One wonders if she reflects their innermost feelings.

Skank of the Year?

So far, but there are rivals, vile creatures described in many media.

But we wait with breathless anticipation for the BBC to tell us all about them.