Wiedervereinigung? What Must German Patriots Be Thinking Today?

October 3rd is the anniversary of Germany’s reunification, the day in 1990 when the East German puppet state, the DDR…


….was extinguished, although unfortunately the quislings who ran the Communist tyranny were not hauled before a Nuremberg-style tribunal, charged with high treason, convicted and hanged.



As somebody who had liked Germany ever since my very first trip there, wandering to and fro as a teenage hitch-hiker…


Those were the days! Pity I never met her!


…I was delighted to see the scenes of rejoicing that celebrated the restoration of national unity.

Little did anyone then suspect that a former red gestapo collaborator would come to power in Berlin and plunge a dagger into the country’s heart.

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‘Human Rights’ Expert Exposes Merkel -A Deliberate Plot

Merkel is no better than those totalitarian marxist rats who ruled the DDR.

They had blood aplenty on their hands…


…like Peter Fechter’s.

…but who can say that she does not?


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