Red Death Camps Weren’t As Bad As The Others?

Not that anyone would take a DW report without at least a large pinch of salt…

…but one assumes the quote from Merkel’s propagandist, a woman named Anna Kaminsky, is accurate.

I say ‘propagandist…’

Propagandist | Definition of Propagandist by Merriam-Webster
Sep 3, 2020 · ‘…someone who produces or spreads propaganda : a person who spreads ideas, facts, or allegations deliberately to further a cause or to damage an opposing cause…’

…because although her official title is rather grander, she doesn’t hesitate to spin the line favoured by the Berlin in-crowd, as can be seen as we wade through the depressing DW paragraphs.



We’re talking about the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where mass graves revealed that no less than 7000 victims of communism died, either murdered or due to deliberate denial of food and medical treatment by their marxist jailers.

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Skimming down the page, we find the conclusion that logical minds would surely reach.

Because of these kinds of discoveries, and their high death rates in particular, some see little difference between the Soviet special camps and the Nazi concentration camps.


Let’s not make common-sense comparisons!

Although it’s historical fact that any comparison of the two totalitarian monstrosities shows that the Reds managed to exterminate considerably more than the Nazis…


Dr.  Anna Kaminsky


…we learn that the state-salaried Kaminsky woman claims that ‘equating the two is out of the question.’


We know that Merkel herself, as a young woman in the DDR, played her very own rotten little part in sustaining the communist system…


Image result for stasi erika"

Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

…and that Mama Stasi, only a year ago, did all in her power to instal the DDR quislings’ successor party as the state government in Thuringia..


Rude Red Rat Re-Elected, Thanks To Mama Stasi Merkel!

….so perhaps we shouldn’t be shocked that Kaminsky plays with words to make out that, at Sachsenhausen, there were ‘two different kinds of camps!’

DW suddenly brings in an ‘expert,’ Herr Axel Drecoll, director of the Brandenburg Memorials Foundation, who asserts that “one serious difference was the targeted mass murder, which was specific to concentration camp terror.”

Incomprehensible, that!

As if starvation as an extermination tool is qualitatively better or worse than any other.

As if any alleged ‘expert today can quantify the level of terror felt by camp inmates in the 1940s.

At least Drecoll is honest enough to admit ‘thousands of people died from hunger and illness in Soviet special camps.’

Indeed, if you read the entire article, here – 

– you can take your own measure of how callous, cruel and cold-blooded the Communists were in their determination to eradicate opposition to the construction of the Soviet puppet-state!